Defense Suppliers of Electronic Components

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Defense Suppliers of Electronic Components (D.S.E.C.) is a Small, Minority, Woman Owned and Operated Business with over 30 years of combined experience in Commercial, Military and Hi-Reliability electronic components.

Even with the most efficient procedures, your facility will sometimes run into problems that can be created by unusually long lead times or just hard to find product. Defense Suppliers staff members are expert at quickly acquiring any component whether it is readily available, hard to find or obsolete.

Our distribution network allows you the freedom to concentrate on your core business providing you with a one-stop shop for your purchasing needs.

Second to none global product sourcing. On-shelf inventory including obsolete components. An Industry partner you can trust and rely on.

Drawing on our industry experience, our market knowledge and the promotion of a close working relationship between our OEM Account Managers and customers, our aim is to deliver quality products at affordable prices, on-time, every time.

Defense Suppliers offers Value Added Services that include Full Service Screening, Special Processes, Component Testing and Marking, Tape & Reeling and Bake & Dry Pack from certified and accredited test labs.